Slendertone Results - Ways to get abs - before and after- tips to get 6 pack

Slendertone Results - Before - Slendertone abs belt - score six pack- slendertone flexmax unisex abs belt
My first ten week Slendertone research Results - Complete Abs Workout Tested to increase Abs Strength

I set out to test the slendertone flexmax to find out for myself what the results would be, if I dieted and used this abs system as well.

I only consumed 2000 calories each day, as i needed to loose weight. And this was the perfect possiblity to test the slender tone flexmax belt. The only exercise i did was lift Dumbbells 6.5 kg, 400 reps per day, both arms, well I probably did the dumbbells every second day if I'm perfectly honest. Slendertone Results

The reply is yes it does work, commemorate your skin tighter and tougher round the abdominal area, the muscles grow and stronger and you can really feel it very quickly.

Slendertone abs belt for stomach exercise

Some do any real exercise, but that doesn't mean i was eating chocolate/candy and crisp/potato chips all day. I did not break my routine if this came to eating, I was checking most part and not going around a lot. But i was totally strict with my diet, so I ate exactly or as near as possible to 2000 calories a day, when using the Slendertone abs belt

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That was 4 protein shakes every day, 4 x 389 calories = 1556 and yet another 444 would be for my main meal through the day. I felt absolutely fine and had no problems at all,

My height is 5.9 and i also weighed 13 1/2 (about 86kg) Stone once i started.
Over the ten weeks. I occurred to 12 stone, and so i lost a 1 ,1/2, stone, (about 80kg) however put on plenty of muscle, on account of using the slendertone flexmax on my body three time every day.

I used it on program 7, about setting 80 - 90 and also the barbells, which helped my arms get slightly bigger. It takes a bit of getting use to, progressing in the levels, but you will be at setting 100 right away. It just takes time for muscle tissue to get use with it. So start of on a really low setting so your muscles will build up slowly plus it wont ache a lot.

But trust me if used correctly this device really works and is awesome.

Its a powerful way to start to get fit in your own home, just follow the instruction concerning how to use slendertone and you shouldn't have trouble.
I will be using the Slendertone FlexMax again for the following ten weeks, to show you guys this thing works.

Now that I have lost that little more weight, you should sometimes be able to see the results.
We will also be introducing other products and areas of fitness along the way, so you can see if the product works and just what effects it has on my own body.

slendertone flexmax unisex abs belt

Slendertone Results - Before and After - Slendertone abs belt - tips to get six pack